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រុក្ខជាតិ  និង  សត្វ  នៅក្នុងអក្សរសិល្ប៍ខ្មែរ Fauna and Flora  in Khmer Literature 



All texts, music, lyrics, and pictures posted here are for educational purposes only.   These works are the properties of  respective authors, artists, and publishers who produced them.

For more information please contact the original sources provided.

 សត្វចាបយំចេប - Sat Jarb Youm Jabe

Sat Jab Youm Jabe.mp3 Sat Jab Youm Jabe.mp3
Size : 2493.91 Kb
Type : mp3
Sat Jab Youm Jabe.pdf Sat Jab Youm Jabe.pdf
Size : 418.549 Kb
Type : pdf


 ដំរី  -  Domrey (Elephant)

Domrey Yaul Sob.mp3 Domrey Yaul Sob.mp3
Size : 4204.671 Kb
Type : mp3
Domrei Yole Sob.pdf Domrei Yole Sob.pdf
Size : 291.983 Kb
Type : pdf



ឃ្មុំ -  Kmoum (Bees)

Kmoum Pnher Sombok.mp3 Kmoum Pnher Sombok.mp3
Size : 2735.804 Kb
Type : mp3


ទោច  -  Torch (Gibbon)

Toch Phnom.mp3 Toch Phnom.mp3
Size : 3975.05 Kb
Type : mp3


 ផ្កាក្ទម្ព  -  Pka Ktoum

Somnork Pka Ktoum.mp3 Somnork Pka Ktoum.mp3
Size : 3155.999 Kb
Type : mp3
Pka Ktoum.pdf Pka Ktoum.pdf
Size : 198.934 Kb
Type : pdf


 ផ្កាត្រាច  & ផ្កាចារ -  Pka Trach & Pka Jah

Sompong Pka Jah - Touch Sunnix.mp3 Sompong Pka Jah - Touch Sunnix.mp3
Size : 2665.553 Kb
Type : mp3
Pka Trach & Pka Jar.pdf Pka Trach & Pka Jar.pdf
Size : 231.445 Kb
Type : pdf


សំបួរមាស  Sombour Meas

Sombour Meas.mp3 Sombour Meas.mp3
Size : 5970.104 Kb
Type : mp3
Sambour Meas.pdf Sambour Meas.pdf
Size : 81.183 Kb
Type : pdf


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